Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Quickly Things Change.....

My son went last night after work down to the college to hear about his Police Academy class and what is expected of him. First off I had called yesterday morning to verify with them that since he hasn't gotten his finacle aid money yet he would not be able to buy the uniform that he needed to buy last night - They told me they would talk to the finacle aid lady and get it strightend out with her. Well sure enough all the other 30 men there were able to buy their uniform but my son.... he talked to the guy and he said they don't accept finacle aid. My son didn't have enough ($322.00) to cover the bill, the guy told him that he was now unsure when my son would be able to get his stuff certainly not for the first few classes. You have to know my son to know that this kinda thing puts him over the edge - He likes to have everything perfect and run smoothly. He listen to the speaker about the class and he is told you are only allowed to miss three hours of class total over the 9 month period, even if there is a death in the family they only give you a few extra hours for that. If you fail a test you get one chance to try again if you don't pass that one you are out of the class. If you don't have your uniform on you get points off even the first day. They said out of the 30 men there maybe 5 will actually pass the class.... All this has thrown my son for a loop!!!! I really wish they had this meeting earlier so everyone would have a better feel for what they were getting into. He is now rethinking if he wants to go to the class, he feels the stress of just knowing you only have three hours to play with is stressing him out terribly let alone how hard the tests are and having to pass them and working 35 hours at Winn Dixie. I listend to him talk all last night, In my gut I always felt that police work just isn't him but he really wanted to give it a go (that and the police are the only people hiring around us). I told him to think long and hard last night on what he feels he wants to do (he only has today to sign up for the police academy), He already bought the books for the class ($75.00) and was taking notes so he would be ready so I know this is a major let down for him but I always feel you have to go with your gut and I can see his gut is telling him don't go. I just hope it all works out for him!

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