Thursday, February 19, 2009

My baby turns 14 today!!!!!!

My baby turns 14 today!!!!!!
How quickly the years have gone by..... How can she be 14!
It's sad to say but Kelly's growing up years have been a blur for me, We have moved 3times, the first time only 3 months after she was born which took up alot of my attention at the time which I wish now I had spent more time with her then - even pictures of her are so few compaired to my son : ( She sure is one heck of a daughter and person, We sure are blessed to have her!
Since money is so tight this year for one of her presents I cleaned her room top to bottom last night. We tossed out three garbage bags full of stuff and have one bag going to salavation army, Of course with the horse saddles in there it still looks cramped but better. She has picked out a blue paint color and my husband is going to buy it today and paint it for her, he figures it will take only one gallon to finish the room. Then I want to buy her a new pillow and maybe a sheet set for her bed to freshen evrything up - We will see if I have enough founds to do it.
I am making the cake today too, We only have a small gift for her (ear phones to use on the computer). We had hoped to take her on a walking trail with a packed lunch today but it looks like it will be raining : (
I tell you give a big bear hug & kiss to your children today, In a wink of an eye the baby stages are all gone and before you will be a little lady/man standing there and you will wonder where did all that time go!

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Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! Have a wonderful day!