Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!
Hope everyone has a fantastic day today with their loved ones.

I have to mention the day my son has planned for his girlfriend. He has been working on a scavenger type hunt in our back property for her to find her gifts... It looks like fun and something I would have loved on Valentine's day. He has hearts with balloons attached & candy and a few other little things but the big present at the end of the hunt is a snowshoe siamese kitten! I have to take a picture of her before she leaves, what a cutie and of course has my heart already. She was the last one left available in the litter that my son & I took a look at last night. We were both glad that we did not have to "pick one", I always have trouble looking into the eyes of the ones that are left.... We sure can't wait to she my son's girlfriend's reaction when she finds this gift.
As for us - no plans for today, I do hope to get down to the Dollar General store to buy Kelly a heart of candy.

I do want to mention how wonderful "Blogging" can be.... It allowes you to find other people in your same situation that can most times help or comfort you, weither it's homeschooling problems, money problems, weight problems ect.. I recently received a wonderful e-mail from one of my blogging buddies Cindy Downes she really helped uplift me with that e-mail! So may times you feel alone with a problem but if you share it and put it out there for others to read then just maybe someone else will be able to give you new incite on the problem or offer ideas & tips on how to make it better. I know some feel that depressing/complaining blogs are better left unwritten, I don't. I think it is a wonderful way for many of us to share our good with our bad which is just the way life goes....
I really do appreciate all of my "Blogging Buddies"! Long live "Blogging" : )

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Rhonda said...

What a sweet way to celebrate Valentine's Day! I bet your son's girlfriend is gonna love that kitten! How sweet! I hope that your family has a wonderful day!