Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scary Story To Tell You!

Since my husband's unemployment check still did not come in and I had called the food stamp people to see if they have "emergency food stamps" - the gal said no. She told me it takes at least 30 days to process my application then they will get in touch with me for the required documents that we may need to send in and since it wasn't 30 days yet from when I started my application (Feb. 2) she couldn't help me. When I told her we have been living with no money coming in for 23 days she didn't really belive me, she said you have had no income coming in then who is covering your living expenses? I said we aren't, the phone will be shut off any day now and the electricity bill was due on Monday, that's why I wanted to touch base with them since I won't be able to spend a half hour on hold at the convience store pay phone waiting like I had to yesterday to talk to them. She said the only thing to do was go to the food banks and get food from them.....
SOOOOO my husband and I headed down town to the food bank at a local church - Kelly stayed home (yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary, what a way to spend it). All of a sudden I had this terrible sick feeling come over me, wasn't sure what it was. When we got home Kelly told me a story that made my hair stand up on my arms. She was on the computer with her ear phones on when the dogs started barking crazy, they were looking out the big front window barking. She thought it was us that we had gotten home already she opened the curtain and looked out and she said a man was standing there in our yard staring at the window petting our goats!!!!!!! She said she jumped away from the window and hid from his sight. People around here don't just go on other people's property, most have gates and as I have said in past post NONE of my neighbors are friendy or people you would ever think of wanting to hang with. She did not recognize this man at all (we don't see people during the day, the only car we see most days is the mail man). She said there was no car in the driveway either, but she was to scared to look out the window again to follow him to see which way he went.... We got home a short while after this happend and tell you I now know why I felt sick - It was my mommy intuition! My husband looked all over but the only thing he saw was our mailbox was open with mail in it (my son's income tax check was sitting in there) & He saw large cowboy boot prints walking down the road which could have been the person's but it was hard to follow where they went. There were no goat prints on the road so it could not have been someone who saw them loose and wanted to let us know (the goats have been loose before and no one really cares except for the cranky neighbor and they were all at work). Then I thought maybe it was a guy to shut off something but he would have had a van or truck and Kelly didn't see any but wasn't sure if he might have had one on the road (but I am sure she would have heard it pull away if there was one). Isn't this the kind of story that just gives you the creeps? I just sat down and thanked God for keeping Kelly safe! She doesn't really know what the guy looked like because it caught her so off guard seeing a man standing in the yard but my husband called his working buddy and it wasn't him either so we have no idea what this fellow was doing in our yard but praise the lord for those darn dogs barking there brains out! Needless to say Kelly is NOT staying home alone again.... To be honest this kind of thing is my worst nightmare even if I was home, the police can not make it out to us very quickly.... really scary to think about.

Please give your kids a big hug and kiss and tell them you love them & Have a great day!

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Rhonda said...

Oh thank God, your daughter is ok. This story just made my skin crawl. I have 3 girls of my own and can not even imagine anything happening to them. I am hugging my girls a little bit tighter tonight.