Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Well I didn't think I was that interested in the Royal Wedding of William & Kate but I turned it on and I was hooked! It brought back so many memories of Diana & Charles wedding - I remember thinking how wonderful it was for Diana to marry a prince little did she know wha was ahead of her : ( But she would be so proud of her two boys I'm sure! William looked very happy today I wish him & Kate the best. Kate & Will have been living together for awhile now and both are near 30 years old a whole different situation then when Diana got married so maybe they really know each other and will make this marriage work. I remember how I felt when Diana & Charles started showing all their problems it was like a bubble burst. I kinda figured out that fairy tales lives have problems too : (

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!!!

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!!

Have a Great day with Family & Friends!

Enjoy the time you have with each other : )

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Almost A Disaster Last Night....

Did you all hear my daughter screaming last night at your houses?
You would have thought the world was coming to an end the way this girl was carring on, She even had tears in her eyes! What was all this fuss about you ask, Her computer got a virus! It was a nasty beast too but I think we got it under control and downloaded a free anti virus program Avast (I have been using that one and so far so good). I pray that keeps the virus problem away otherwize my daughter will blow a gasket.....

Do any of you use "Kids Discover" magazines? I think they look awsome! They have a Vocabulary pages & a Teacher Resource pages that look like they add alot to the learning. I know they are geared for a younger learner then Kelly but I think the pictures are so visual that the magazine will interest her. It looks like it could get a bit pricey if you buy the mag., vocab. & teacher package for one topic. I did find a bunch listed on ebay at a great price but I am tapped out this week (I just spent $21.39 on Netflix) : (

I want to mention we are watching "How the states got their shapes" from Documentary Heaven (I had looked for this video on Neflix but they didn't have it) so I was glad to see it listed. Thanks to Jennifer from Toad Haven Homeschool for suggesting the documentary site! Kelly hates watching videos on the computer, so I knew she was going to balk at the idea and she did but I played it anyway while she sat to the side on her computer (this was before the virus crash) and do you know what? She shut her computer off and came over and watched it with me, so that tells you how good it is! I am really enjoying it, there are many different reasons why some are shaped the way they are. The one draw back was my computer froze up and I had to refresh it a few times which caused me to lose Kelly. I hope to start back from where we left off from today, I'll let you know how that works out : )

Have a great day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Day At The Golf Course : )

Good Monday Morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Kelly went golfing with her father and she got to drive the golf cart which she loved! She would drop him off at a hole and take off, it wasn't crowded so she wasn't causing havoc for the other golfers. While she was driving around she found time to take pictures of these beautiful Sandhill Cranes! Aren't they just darling! I LOVE the babies just sooo adorable : ) I found a nice write up on Sandhill Cranes here (you have to scroll mid page to read about them). I always remember reading in I think the Nature Handbook, "Sit down & Look around Nature will find you", It is so true if we just open our eyes there is so much beauty all around us! I was so glad Kelly had a great time! Now she says she is even more ready to drive a car - Yikes!

On another note, my library has informed me that since they changed over to a new anti theft system I will no longer be able to have them send books from the main library down to the branch which is closer to me! That is a problem for me since with my husband working I never have a car any more to get up there & he passes the my local library on the way home so he can get there nights before they close and pick up the books I need (not that I use alot of books any more but I do need a few). Oh well I have to roll with the punches I guess : )

Have a great day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Snake In The House!

Yes, this fellow was inside my house! Kelly was screaming her head off and running He wiggled in under the door thru a hole! Now you would think with all the dogs that I have the snake would stear clear of our house. The pest came in not once but twice! The first time I saw his head come in I jumped up from my computer and scared him out, the second time he came all the way in and was slithering along the door. I grabbed the door and got it open (even tho in my ear there was a screaming girl with tears welling up in her eyes). He went out and thought he was going to spend some time on our porch - Not! I threw a soda can at him and off he went. I then tied up one of our dogs out there on the porch to keep an eye on the door area to help prevent another entry by this black bad boy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recycling for Earth Day & Beyond

We are getting a bit toasty already here in our part of Florida during the afternoons, I hate having the air on : ( We try and get out for our walk every day but by the time we get home the dogs tongues are hanging to the ground... On the school front we have been watching, Getting Ahead: Science. You may have seen it, I think it was once on tv: "Real World Science"- It is a 4 dvd set. One of the episodes was about recycling, With "Earth Day" coming up I thought this all tied in great. Wow, Just seeing that a plastic bottle take 400 years to degrade floored me. I never knew it took THAT long! I am now reading up on recycling, I have always recycled soda cans, reg. cans, water jugs, paper but now I see I could have been doing so much more. I'm hoping to get Kelly interested in all of this... not just recycling but being aware of packaging the products come in. I HATE that meat is still being sold in the styrofoam trays which NEVER degrade : ( I have found a number of websites I would like to share with you are: & How To Recycle Anything & Zero Waste Family & Tackling the Barriers to Being Green

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"How to Homeschool Today"

I just have to mention to all of you about this little goody I found : ) Cindy Downes: "How to Homeschool Today" has added "The Checklist Assistant" to go along with her "Checklist". I LOVE it! I bought the "Checklist" awhile ago and from time to time I would use it. Every time I looked at it I was like wouldn't it be great if this had links to each topic to go along with it. Well now it does! Cindy has added the "Checklist Assistant" which makes my life soooo much easier. You can also search each topic by learning style which works for me. You all know my struggles with Kelly & her not wanting to go over anyting more then once in her life time.... So this works perfectly for us, I can pick out a topic and throw a different spin on it. The best part of it for me was that the "Checklist Assitant" only cost $3.99 per year! Have a great day! Remember to take time to smell the roses, but watch out for the bees : )

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Turned 48 today

I can't belive I turned 48 today!!! It's funny how in my mind I still feel like I did when I was say 30. My son & daughter-in-law came over from Daytona and joined my husband, daughter with a cake and ice cream for me. It sure was a nice evening, I enjoy having my entire family together... Life really does go by way to fast!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breathing Easier....

I was able to take Kelly to the doctors today at 12:30pm to have her eyes checked for the black spots she is seeing..... The nurse weighed her (109 lbs.), took her height (5ft.5 & 1/2) took her blood pressure (124 over 84). The doctor walked in and said "Yes, Kelly can go over to the eye doctor" and that was it. I was shocked, I was at a loss for words it all happened so fast, no checking her blood for diabetes ect. nothing! When we got out to the parking lot I called the eye doctor and thank goodness they could fit us in at 3pm. We waited down in town between appts. so as not to waste gas. To make a long day short, the eye doctor said she has "Floaters" nothing to worry about! Thank God! She goes back in a month for a re-check just to make sure all is okay.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Sunday : )

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! We are having a beautiful day here in Florida, Couldn't ask for better weather. We have had a few days this past week of rain and some nasty thunder & lighting storms, We really need the rain so I'm not complaning.... okay I'm complaining. The backlash of the rain is my husband was off for two weeks because the guy had no work then when the guy did have work it has been raining so no work AGAIN this week - YIKES! On another note Kelly has been seeing floating black spots in her vision when she is outside. I have also had this for years and have just gotten used to it but I am hoping to get her down town to the doctors to get it checked out. I'm not sure if we can go this week, I'm not even sure we will find enough cash for gas for my huband to make it to work... I just hate when my kids have issues! I would appreciate prayers that this is nothing to worry about. Enjoy the day!!!