Monday, April 18, 2011

A Day At The Golf Course : )

Good Monday Morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Kelly went golfing with her father and she got to drive the golf cart which she loved! She would drop him off at a hole and take off, it wasn't crowded so she wasn't causing havoc for the other golfers. While she was driving around she found time to take pictures of these beautiful Sandhill Cranes! Aren't they just darling! I LOVE the babies just sooo adorable : ) I found a nice write up on Sandhill Cranes here (you have to scroll mid page to read about them). I always remember reading in I think the Nature Handbook, "Sit down & Look around Nature will find you", It is so true if we just open our eyes there is so much beauty all around us! I was so glad Kelly had a great time! Now she says she is even more ready to drive a car - Yikes!

On another note, my library has informed me that since they changed over to a new anti theft system I will no longer be able to have them send books from the main library down to the branch which is closer to me! That is a problem for me since with my husband working I never have a car any more to get up there & he passes the my local library on the way home so he can get there nights before they close and pick up the books I need (not that I use alot of books any more but I do need a few). Oh well I have to roll with the punches I guess : )

Have a great day!


Phyllis said...

I am glad that you guys are able to have joys like golfing! (and seeing Sandhill cranes)
Your library systems seems pretty unhelpful. Are they trying to get people to not check out books?

Catalina said...
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