Friday, April 15, 2011

Snake In The House!

Yes, this fellow was inside my house! Kelly was screaming her head off and running He wiggled in under the door thru a hole! Now you would think with all the dogs that I have the snake would stear clear of our house. The pest came in not once but twice! The first time I saw his head come in I jumped up from my computer and scared him out, the second time he came all the way in and was slithering along the door. I grabbed the door and got it open (even tho in my ear there was a screaming girl with tears welling up in her eyes). He went out and thought he was going to spend some time on our porch - Not! I threw a soda can at him and off he went. I then tied up one of our dogs out there on the porch to keep an eye on the door area to help prevent another entry by this black bad boy.


Phyllis said...

It looks like just a black snake and if so they are not poisonious.
We have a garter snake that lives on our front porch. He used to live in our backyard, but he moved to the front porch this year...unless it is another one?

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you need to add weather stripping or something to the bottom of your door so he can't squeeze back in. You also need to get a cat :)

Freakmom said...

I will never again be jealous of your warm weather. I'll take our blizzards and snake-free climate.

(I am glad you just scared him out instead of killing him.)

Donna said...

Thanks ladies for your comments, I enjoy reading them!
I now have a blanket stuck in the bottom of the door until I can get some weather stripping. he may be harmless but I don't want to see him in the house!
Thanks again : )

Phyllis said...

We had a black snake crawling up the side of the house today, and I thought of you.