Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recycling for Earth Day & Beyond

We are getting a bit toasty already here in our part of Florida during the afternoons, I hate having the air on : ( We try and get out for our walk every day but by the time we get home the dogs tongues are hanging to the ground... On the school front we have been watching, Getting Ahead: Science. You may have seen it, I think it was once on tv: "Real World Science"- It is a 4 dvd set. One of the episodes was about recycling, With "Earth Day" coming up I thought this all tied in great. Wow, Just seeing that a plastic bottle take 400 years to degrade floored me. I never knew it took THAT long! I am now reading up on recycling, I have always recycled soda cans, reg. cans, water jugs, paper but now I see I could have been doing so much more. I'm hoping to get Kelly interested in all of this... not just recycling but being aware of packaging the products come in. I HATE that meat is still being sold in the styrofoam trays which NEVER degrade : ( I have found a number of websites I would like to share with you are: Earth911.com & How To Recycle Anything & Zero Waste Family & Tackling the Barriers to Being Green

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