Thursday, February 28, 2008

Having The Knack To Homeschool....

Some mom's just seem to have such a great hold on homeschooling, Take a peek at Shades of Pink's Blog I was reading over what they covered and how she goes about it - It just seems so varied and interesting that it must make learning alot of fun for her kids. Then I look at our day, all I can say about that is BORING! I have come to the conclusion that I really don't have the knack for homeschooling yet..... We go through all the motions but really I don't think Kelly is getting much from it at all. We went outside on Tues. and had our class out there and that did seem to help, even though she was distracted it seemed she remembered a bit more, but really when you are being taught in the way of blah, blah, blah how much can you remember!
It sure is cold down here in Florida this morning.... very cold!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The New Man In My Life

This is our new addition to our family : )
Kelly and I have really wanting to be able to ride around our dirt roads together instaed of me walking and her riding Chance - Well we now have ~Roper~. Yes, that is me up there on him - Yikes!
We have been so busy with thinking about horses here that school work has really taken a back seat..... It has been over a week now of actual school work : ( I told Kelly last night we have to really buckel down and get back to it - I think I said that to convince myself as well as her.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!!!!!

My baby turned ~* 13 *~ on February 19th. - I have another teenager!
We went bowling & miniature golfing which she enjoyed and has talked alot about, then we had ice cream cake which was delicious.
I just can't belive it has been thirteen years already, I can so vividly see that tiny little baby so small : )
Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What a crazy/scary day.....

What a day yesterday!
I looked out my back window and my neighbor was burning - that is nothing new he burns alot. I happened to look out again a few minutes later and the fire had gotten larger... I called my son to take a look and see what he was doing over there, Kris & Kelly went out Kelly ran back in and said we better call 911. I ran out to make sure I got the correct road when I called and a truck stopped and told me that it looks like the fire is getting out of control and the guy was trying to put water on it. I called the 911 operator she was upset that I did not have my neighbors exact address number.... Note: It might be a good idea to write down the address of your closest neighbors and put it by your phone just in case you need it. She told me to either go down there or have the man who was burning call them.... I told her I was not going down there I have my kids in my house. Anyway, we waited and waited and waitied still no police officer or fire trucks. The man got a hose out and was working on the fire himself, He was yelling at the one family who did stop their truck and wanted to help him to "Not to call the cops", We have strong suspicions that this man may possible be a drug dealer so of course he does not want to have the police there! Still no fire trucks, It took them forever to get there and when they did they couldn't find it.... the fire was pretty much out by then with smoke billowing up into the air and there is approximately 4 houses on that road and they couldn't find it! I ran out there the second time they went around the block and directed them to the area. Needless to say my husband was pulling down the road coming home from work and sees me out there with two fire trucks in front of our house - the poor guy jumps out of the van a nervous wreak. The fire guy stopped by our house after they worked on the smoldering ambers, He said they gave him a warning that is all they can do (I was hoping for more). He said I should call any time I see smoke over there because we are so dry here in Florida, he said we are going to have a terrible fire season this year. There are pros and cons to living in a rural area and I am now able to add fire dept not being able to find our area to the list. I just hope this guy dosen't get cranky at us for calling, Kelly & I are home alone with no car all day : (

Friday, February 8, 2008

Made It To A Homeschooling Event.....

Finally Kelly & I were able to attend one of the outings run by our Homeschooling group, A pizza party at the arcade. Sixty- one people attended. I had such high hopes of meeting some of the other moms with children Kelly's age, It didn't really work out that way though. The place was very noisy, It was hard to hear even Kelly and she was right next to me. I did get a chance to meet two of the mom's who live out by me that I have been wanting to meet since we started homeschooling, they both seemed very nice. I do have to say, It seemed to me that everyone either had a baby or was pregnant! One observation which surprized me was that there were more older boys then girls there..... I didn't really see any girls Kelly's age most were younger. Anyway, It was great to get out and do something different for a change : ) Of course we didn't get any schooling done yesterday or get a chance to see the space shuttle go up (I hate to miss that, It is just so amazing no matter how many times you see it). Back to the books today, I think at the pass we are setting we will be schooling into the second week of June if not longer.
Our goat's leg turned out to be okay, swollen but she was able to walk on it, I have to mention this story the kids told me that after they got our goat free from the fencing she sat down and her daughter came over to her and sat next to her to comfort her and to make sure she was okay : )
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things Always Happen...

I actually had a chance to go out last night to a meeting at my son's high school (It was about filling out scholarship forms to send your child to college). I never get to go out, I actually dyed my hair, put makeup on & jewlery. During school Kelly said I think I have a substitute teacher : ) The meeting was a bit overwhelming, We should have started alot earlier on this (He graduated at the end of May). Anyway, I get home and the kids come out to the car before it is even stopped so I know that something is up. Sure enough the goats had jumped out of the pen AGAIN and the one goat got her hoof caught in the fence and was all tangled and hanging from the fence by her hoof, they got her untangled but she was dragging her leg.... It was dark out so I won't know till this morning how that will turn out - Yikes! It never fails that if I leave things always happen.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday's Should Be Days Off....

I have come to the conclusion that I need Monday's off!
I have a sink full of dishes, a pile of mess on the kitchen table, the house is just in an uproar. I have been running around this morning trying to get some of the schooling work organized (I have also relized I am spending to much money on ink!). I decided to just cut up our copy of "The completer book of Presidents & Sates" instead of making copy after copy and let Kelly answer the qeustions right in the book, Of course I just have to keep track now of the three sections I made the book into : ) I am doing that with a few of the books we are now using - I always want to keep the books in good shape incase I want to resell them someday but I really think I am spending more money on ink then I would be able to sell the book for....
I better get back to the MESS....
Have a Great day today & Way to go NY GIANTS, What a game last night!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008