Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things Always Happen...

I actually had a chance to go out last night to a meeting at my son's high school (It was about filling out scholarship forms to send your child to college). I never get to go out, I actually dyed my hair, put makeup on & jewlery. During school Kelly said I think I have a substitute teacher : ) The meeting was a bit overwhelming, We should have started alot earlier on this (He graduated at the end of May). Anyway, I get home and the kids come out to the car before it is even stopped so I know that something is up. Sure enough the goats had jumped out of the pen AGAIN and the one goat got her hoof caught in the fence and was all tangled and hanging from the fence by her hoof, they got her untangled but she was dragging her leg.... It was dark out so I won't know till this morning how that will turn out - Yikes! It never fails that if I leave things always happen.

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FatcatPaulanne said...

LoL about the 'substitute teacher"! Cute!

I hope your goat is okay.