Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What a crazy/scary day.....

What a day yesterday!
I looked out my back window and my neighbor was burning - that is nothing new he burns alot. I happened to look out again a few minutes later and the fire had gotten larger... I called my son to take a look and see what he was doing over there, Kris & Kelly went out Kelly ran back in and said we better call 911. I ran out to make sure I got the correct road when I called and a truck stopped and told me that it looks like the fire is getting out of control and the guy was trying to put water on it. I called the 911 operator she was upset that I did not have my neighbors exact address number.... Note: It might be a good idea to write down the address of your closest neighbors and put it by your phone just in case you need it. She told me to either go down there or have the man who was burning call them.... I told her I was not going down there I have my kids in my house. Anyway, we waited and waited and waitied still no police officer or fire trucks. The man got a hose out and was working on the fire himself, He was yelling at the one family who did stop their truck and wanted to help him to "Not to call the cops", We have strong suspicions that this man may possible be a drug dealer so of course he does not want to have the police there! Still no fire trucks, It took them forever to get there and when they did they couldn't find it.... the fire was pretty much out by then with smoke billowing up into the air and there is approximately 4 houses on that road and they couldn't find it! I ran out there the second time they went around the block and directed them to the area. Needless to say my husband was pulling down the road coming home from work and sees me out there with two fire trucks in front of our house - the poor guy jumps out of the van a nervous wreak. The fire guy stopped by our house after they worked on the smoldering ambers, He said they gave him a warning that is all they can do (I was hoping for more). He said I should call any time I see smoke over there because we are so dry here in Florida, he said we are going to have a terrible fire season this year. There are pros and cons to living in a rural area and I am now able to add fire dept not being able to find our area to the list. I just hope this guy dosen't get cranky at us for calling, Kelly & I are home alone with no car all day : (

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