Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Love Florida - Not!

This is what a woke up to this morning!! It must be scorpion time again here in Florida : (

This fellow was walking up the wall in the shower - Yikes!! I guess he was looking for water since we have been pretty dry here.

Until Next Time - God Bless!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Air Show 2012

Kelly & I went to the Wings Over Flagler air show on Sunday. We had missed it last year so we wanted to make sure we went this year. They had alot more flying shows to watch which was really great to see. Last year one of the pilots crashed and died so they did the missing man formation on the fly over. Still the thing I like best is listening to the older men as they retell their war stories! You can see their faces when they look at the old planes it brings back some good and some bad memories. We owe so much to all of them!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Still Rolling Along

Can you belive only one more week and then March will be over?????

I am really worried about what our summer is going to look like down here in Florida, We have aleady gotten into the 80's and are sweating! I am just hoping April brings some showers and a little cooler weather....

The house hunting for my son & daughter-in-law sill goes on : ( They were heart broken when they didn't get the last one. Most all the homes in our area up for sale are short sales or bank owned, they take offers from a number of people and then decided on who gets the house. You can wait for days then be told you didn't get it and by then your 2nd & 3rd favorite homes are now also sold... It is really hard buying a home right now. They have found one (pictured above) that I think it just perfect for them. They put a bid on it $600.00 more than the asking price, to be honest I wanted to go $2,600 more since there really is no other homes available in their price range. This time they only have to wait three days so they will know on Wednesday - Please say a prayer for us that they get it!!

Kelly's computer is fixed but we have not been able to meet up with the repair guy to pick it up which is making Kelly crazy.... that girl is so attached to her computer!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Until Nex Time - God Bless!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

Gooooood Monday Morning to you!!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Ours was a bit rocky, our Jeep has taken a turn for the worse : ( I love her like a child, we bought her for $1,800 when my son started driving and she has been a dream of a car since! I love Jeeps, they are so tough and dependable she has a ton of miles on her and she keeps going.... but now she is leaking fluid bad. My husband (who know nothing about cars) and two fellows he knows took her apart : ( To be honest with you I doubt she will ever run again and I am not joking you. They took her radiator out and ordered her a new one which they are putting in today - I would have much rather taken her to a repair shop and had them look at her and tell us exactlly what is wrong with her instead of paying over $200.00 for this radiator and hoses which they aren't even sure is the problem.
The house hunting for my son & daughter-in-law has taken twists and turns also. At this point they now have a bid on a beautiful huge home in Palm Coast which will be about 30 minutes away from me by CAR (If I had one). This house is at the top of their price range which isn't such a good thing but what a house, cozy and tons of room and a great backyard. The bank has till March 22nd to accept their offer, but the kink is that Bank of America does not want to put the closing costs into their home loan (they had already been told by another BoA loan agent that they could), this news has thrown them for a loop so they are trying to find another lender which will include closing costs.
We also had Kelly's laptop die! We bought that thing for her Christmas present in Dec. 2010. The repair guy said it is the motherboard and costs to repair $250.00!! We looked around and could not find a new one for that price soooooo we are having it fixed.
Needless to say this weekend has had it's down moments but hey life goes on!
Until Next time - God Bless!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still Riding The Roller Coaster!!

Wow, Things sure have been crazy here!! Days & weeks are just blending together.
We still have not gotten a house/mobile home for my son & daughter-in-law! The one I mentioned a few posts back (the mobile home that is a few streets away from me that was HUGE and cheap) the bank SAYS they are having trouble finding the title to it.... sounds like hogwash to me for sure! To cover their bases while waiting for that one they found another one not so close but in the same area as us, this one is also huge 4 bedrooms & has fantastic property. It is an okay price but they put in a counter offer and wanted the bank to add in a stove, frig., & water tank, the bank came back with a $10,000 increase in the price - Ouch! It has taken weeks just trying to get them to agree on a price : ( The realestate man is getting so sick of us calling him that he is getting an attitude with us which I am not liking at all!! I know we have been to see a couple of houses & mobile homes but honestly it isn't our fault they haven't gotten one yet, my son & daughter-in-law just want a place to call their own and are really not that picky.... Keep your fingers crossed they hear soon about one of the houses!!
I have other BIG news but I'll save that for another post : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!