Saturday, March 24, 2012

Still Rolling Along

Can you belive only one more week and then March will be over?????

I am really worried about what our summer is going to look like down here in Florida, We have aleady gotten into the 80's and are sweating! I am just hoping April brings some showers and a little cooler weather....

The house hunting for my son & daughter-in-law sill goes on : ( They were heart broken when they didn't get the last one. Most all the homes in our area up for sale are short sales or bank owned, they take offers from a number of people and then decided on who gets the house. You can wait for days then be told you didn't get it and by then your 2nd & 3rd favorite homes are now also sold... It is really hard buying a home right now. They have found one (pictured above) that I think it just perfect for them. They put a bid on it $600.00 more than the asking price, to be honest I wanted to go $2,600 more since there really is no other homes available in their price range. This time they only have to wait three days so they will know on Wednesday - Please say a prayer for us that they get it!!

Kelly's computer is fixed but we have not been able to meet up with the repair guy to pick it up which is making Kelly crazy.... that girl is so attached to her computer!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Until Nex Time - God Bless!!


Phyllis said...

That is a cute house. I hope they get it and pray that God's intentions will be shown to them.

Fatcat said...

That is a pretty house! I hope they get it!