Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness

Gooooood Monday Morning to you!!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Ours was a bit rocky, our Jeep has taken a turn for the worse : ( I love her like a child, we bought her for $1,800 when my son started driving and she has been a dream of a car since! I love Jeeps, they are so tough and dependable she has a ton of miles on her and she keeps going.... but now she is leaking fluid bad. My husband (who know nothing about cars) and two fellows he knows took her apart : ( To be honest with you I doubt she will ever run again and I am not joking you. They took her radiator out and ordered her a new one which they are putting in today - I would have much rather taken her to a repair shop and had them look at her and tell us exactlly what is wrong with her instead of paying over $200.00 for this radiator and hoses which they aren't even sure is the problem.
The house hunting for my son & daughter-in-law has taken twists and turns also. At this point they now have a bid on a beautiful huge home in Palm Coast which will be about 30 minutes away from me by CAR (If I had one). This house is at the top of their price range which isn't such a good thing but what a house, cozy and tons of room and a great backyard. The bank has till March 22nd to accept their offer, but the kink is that Bank of America does not want to put the closing costs into their home loan (they had already been told by another BoA loan agent that they could), this news has thrown them for a loop so they are trying to find another lender which will include closing costs.
We also had Kelly's laptop die! We bought that thing for her Christmas present in Dec. 2010. The repair guy said it is the motherboard and costs to repair $250.00!! We looked around and could not find a new one for that price soooooo we are having it fixed.
Needless to say this weekend has had it's down moments but hey life goes on!
Until Next time - God Bless!!

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