Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still Riding The Roller Coaster!!

Wow, Things sure have been crazy here!! Days & weeks are just blending together.
We still have not gotten a house/mobile home for my son & daughter-in-law! The one I mentioned a few posts back (the mobile home that is a few streets away from me that was HUGE and cheap) the bank SAYS they are having trouble finding the title to it.... sounds like hogwash to me for sure! To cover their bases while waiting for that one they found another one not so close but in the same area as us, this one is also huge 4 bedrooms & has fantastic property. It is an okay price but they put in a counter offer and wanted the bank to add in a stove, frig., & water tank, the bank came back with a $10,000 increase in the price - Ouch! It has taken weeks just trying to get them to agree on a price : ( The realestate man is getting so sick of us calling him that he is getting an attitude with us which I am not liking at all!! I know we have been to see a couple of houses & mobile homes but honestly it isn't our fault they haven't gotten one yet, my son & daughter-in-law just want a place to call their own and are really not that picky.... Keep your fingers crossed they hear soon about one of the houses!!
I have other BIG news but I'll save that for another post : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!


Fatcat said...

Still waiting for the BIG news. Hurry up already!

Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

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