Sunday, December 29, 2013

Just Horsing Around

Kelly & I took the horses out for a stroll. I got new aqua colored tack for Zip from my son & daughter-in-law for Christmas that I wanted to show off. Kelly got a new camera; so we can finally take some pictures to liven up this boring blog of mine : )
Two more days left of 2013!!!! This year just flew by...... I pray 2014 brings health & joy to all of you. We are going out for New Years Eve, the first time in YEARS!!!!!! We are taking the kids up to St. Augustine to Harry's for dinner. We won't be staying out till the New Year rings in but I sure as heck am going to enjoy myself anyway. I even plan on ordering a cosmopolitan cocktail with my dinner : ) I don't drink much but I'm splurging to celebrate 2014!!!!

This is a picture of me & my hubby the last time we went up to St. Augustine to see the Christmas lights on Dec. 9th, I'm addicted to that place - I LOVE it! If you ever get a chance visit that area do it : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3rd Already!

I am floored how quickly Christmas is approaching! I haven't started shopping yet for anybody but me : ) Yea, I bought myself a new computer.... My old one was acting up and I decided I needed a new one. To be honest I am on the old one more that this new one, she has all of my favorites listed and the volume is louder on the old one which I like for my music I listen to. As for my family, I bought Kelly that camera Target had on sale reg. $229.00 for $99, I'm hoping she likes it. I just have NO ideas for my son & daughter-in-law, I asked them to make a list of items they want but they haven't given me any yet : ( I guess I will be out there shopping all the way up till Christmas Eve again like every other year.
I have been hitting the thrift stores around here, I am really LOVING doing that, I sooooo enjoy it! I go by myself and take as long as I like to look around - no one to rush me and I browse. I have found a ton of clothes that I love for cheap! Now that I have lost about 50 pounds I love shopping for clothes again : ) I actually found a Ralph Lauren dress for $4.50, It fits me like a glove (My husband says it's too sexy to wear without him). He says he is going to take me out to dinner so I can wear it - Promises, promises.
As for school, it's going along. Not the senior year I had hoped for Kelly but she understands that this is it after we are done in June she will have to go looking for a job. We have really been focusing in on what it means to be out in the "real" world. One of the things we are working on the US states (we finally got The States dvd I had ordered - Thanks Nicole for suggesting them), We also go over how much apartments/houses are roughly in each state, what the job market looks like ect. I just wish she had a thought to a trade she could go into to make a living, she is in for a rude awakening when she gets out there.... 
The weather is wonderful down here today, a slight breeze and warming up to I guess in the 70's! I'm sitting outside with my new computer and just soaking up the razes - I always feel better when I can get outside and get some sunshine. Taking the horses out for a ride as soon as Kelly gets up, that child will sleep her life away if I let her!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!