Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Sunday : )

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! We are having a beautiful day here in Florida, Couldn't ask for better weather. We have had a few days this past week of rain and some nasty thunder & lighting storms, We really need the rain so I'm not complaning.... okay I'm complaining. The backlash of the rain is my husband was off for two weeks because the guy had no work then when the guy did have work it has been raining so no work AGAIN this week - YIKES! On another note Kelly has been seeing floating black spots in her vision when she is outside. I have also had this for years and have just gotten used to it but I am hoping to get her down town to the doctors to get it checked out. I'm not sure if we can go this week, I'm not even sure we will find enough cash for gas for my huband to make it to work... I just hate when my kids have issues! I would appreciate prayers that this is nothing to worry about. Enjoy the day!!!

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Phyllis said...

You have our on-going prayers. At least you don't have it too cold, right? I am sitting here getting warmed by the fireplace.