Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We are working on the states and this week it is Alaska. We found another great dvd, it is called Alaska: Into The Wilderness dvd #1 "Braving Alaska" It follows 4 families who live off the grid and indure the struggles & triumphs of living in Alaska. It does show them shooting a moose & deer, It is a little bit graphic on them cutting the animal up but I closed my eyes through out that part and it was okay. We found it to be really interesting & it tied rather nicely to our reading of "My Side Of The Mountain". I found some FREE worksheets from TeacherVision for the book. One of the worksheets asks questions about fishing, kelly brought up that she has never gone fishing. That made me sad because that is something if my Dad were still alive he would have done with her (He took my son on his first fishing outing). She asked me if that is something we could do, I think every kid should have a go at fishing at least one time in their life. We live right by Dead Lake (see picture above) so I hope to be able to sometime get her over there to try her hand at fishing in the near future.


Fatcat said...

My kids have never been fishing either. We liked the book My Side of the Mountain too.

Phyllis said...

Sounds like your school is really humming now! Congrats!

Donna said...

Thank you both for your comments! I was kinda surprized Kelly had never been fishing... time has just flown by so fast and sometimes things I did with my son I think I did with Kelly : ( I guess the brain is going faster then I thought.