Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hate When The Time Changes!!!

Good Sunday Morning to you all!
First I would like to send out my thoughts & prayers to all those folks over in Japan who are suffering thru this terrible tragedy!!!! What terrible loss of life & destruction! God Bless them!
I had forgotten to set the clocks ahead last night : ( So now I am really stuggling with the new time. I had just got myself on a nice schedule that was working for me and now this.... Well I have to get my butt in gear and adapt to it!
I need to mention a "Ya Hoo". I finally got a hold of a "working" laptop that runs xp so I can use my printer!!!!! It is so funny that something like this makes me sooooo happy. I can not tell you how hard it was not to be able to print off some worksheets ect. for our homeschooling day. I have been doing alot of reading on visual learners like Kelly & all of them say to let them color/doodle ect while they do thier work it helps them sort everything out easier so having the ability to print out coloring pages is such a blessing!
I will link to some of the articles on visual learners on another blog post, It has been such an eye opener. One article stated how visual learners my be placed into the "learning disability" catagory when all they really need is to be taught the way that works for them to learn. So much of the visual learners ways of learning goes against "regular" schools way that they fall so far behind and then think of themselves as "dumb". That is Kelly all over, this child is soooo smart in so many ways that it amazes me sometimes, but just because she can't remember her times tables ect. she thinks she is stupid. I really hope that the school systems can start pinpointing each childs learning style and place by class that way instead of the way the do now clumping them all together.....
Anyway, Talked your ear off on a Sunday.
Have a wonderful day & God Bless You!


Phyllis said...

When I see the pictures of Japan, I am reminded of how fortunate I am and I am even more grateful.

When you said that your daughter feels she is stupid because she doesn't know her times tables, it reminded me of this post:

Tell Kelly that no one in our family knows their complete times table, including myself.

Dana @ School For Us said...

Yes, the time change is HARD! We are dealing with a double whammy... when we went to Japan we had to adjust our internal clocks by 15 hours!!! Then, just a few days after returning home,we had to adjust by another hour. Maybe it was easier - maybe it was harder - I'm not sure. But, my daughter and I have both been sick since we've been home & are having trouble getting up in the morning.

Glad you found a laptop that is working for you!