Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trying To Make A Schedule

Happy Sat. to you all!
Hope everyone is enjoying the first part of the weekend.
I have been mopping the floors & doing laundry, Trying to give my home some "Lovin". I whine about doing the floors but it is sooo much easier to mop a floor that was done a few days ago instead of a major mopping. I just have to keep reminding myself that. This past week I have really tried to put myself on a schedule. I had been feeling so overwhelmed with everything and not getting anything done which made everything worse. Not this week! I have been tweeking my day to keep myself moving ex. I get up at 5am. with my husband, feed horses & get him off to work (yahoo!). I then go back to bed get up no later then 9am. that is computer time for blogging, twitter ect. Shower by 10am. pick up & clean the house. Lunch by 11am., organize stuff for the school day, during this time we also have been taking the horse for a ride or taking a brisk walk around the block. Start school anytime between 12& 1pm., end school work by 3pm. start dinner. We eat early by 4pm. most nights. Then feed horses, goats ect. walk dogs. Then I wash up all the dishes and the rest of the evening is MINE to do with what I want! What a difference making a schedule has made for me! I feel so much more refreshed and energized (of course having my husband back to work hs made me such a happy camper also!).
Now I am working on trying to get our school day to run smoother! Would like to mention a dvd series we are watching which we are enjoying. "The American President" by PBS it is a 10hr. long series but so well worth the viewing. The only problem I have seen so far for someone like Kelly is they group the presidents in groups instead of in order which makes it a bit harder to follow the flow. I fixed this problem for her by taking down out president palcemat that we had on the wall and put it by the tv so she could see where & what time frame each president held office.
Well off to give one of the dogs a bath, Real problem with fleas this year!!!
Have a FATASTIC weekend Blogger Buddies : )


Rhonda said...

I love a schedule and could not make it through the day without one. I am so glad to hear that yours is working for you.I am also happy to hear that your husband is back working again. I know that takes so much stress off of you and makes for a better day!

sunshineperri said...

Did you get my email about