Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday....

Happy Monday to all of you! Hope everyone is enjoying the day.
I am finding it hard to get going today.... I really think Monday & Friday's should be off days : )
My husbands boss called on Sat. and told him he had no work for this week - Yikes! He only worked three days last week so things are getting a bit on the shaky side again. I had so hoped that things were finally turning around on the job front.
Anyway, Kelly went down Friday night to my sons place and stayed till Sat. night. My daughter-in-law dyed Kelly's hair again. I'm just glad the girls get along so well : ) It really is great for Kelly to have some other girl to hang with other then me. I had hoped to get some school work together during my time home alone without her but sad to say I spent most my time on twitter....
I really wish I had a better vision of our school year this year! As I know you all know if you have read my blog I just LOVE how Phyllis runs her school day and reading over her planned curriculum for the entire 12 years of schooling just makes me in awe!
Have a Great Day!!!!

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Phyllis said...

You have to remember that I have already done this once all the way through (Katie graduated a couple of years ago), and that two more are up to 8th grade. I just learn more and more about what works and doesn't work for us each time through. I might get it just like I like it by the time I have graduated my youngest!