Saturday, March 26, 2011

Air Show Tragedy

Last year Kelly & I went to a local air show at our small airport, We loved it. This year even tho is was only $5.00 for adults & $3.00 for teens we just couldn't swing it with the gas prices. Well would you belive one of the planes crashed during the "Wings Over Flagler" show today! The pilot died on impact, the plane crashed straight into the ground. I am soooo glad we did not go! Seeing something like that lives on with you forever. Prayers to the pilots family!


Jennifer said...

Oh, no! How awful! My father was a pilot and crashed at an airshow, too with my mom onboard. Luckily, they both lived although they had to spend months and months in the hospital. So glad you all didn't see it happen. Prayers to the pilot's family. :(

Phyllis said...

Oh,my! How sad. It is a dangerous sport, for sure. I am glad you were not there for it.