Friday, February 25, 2011

What Netflix Movies Have You Enjoyed?

Kelly & I have been working on the Mayans which I have been finding to be sooo interesting! I am amazed that there hasn't been more interest in this area from archaeologist, So much of it has not be uncovered yet. Maybe not a good idea to work on a topic with a teenager where it mentions that the end of the world will be on December 21, 2012! The child is now crazed that she wants to learn how to drive before the "end of the world".... Anyway we have been hitting on a number of topics lately which have turnd out to be on the depressing side once we saw a few vidoes on them. We were working on food and watched "The Future Of Food" and it showed that now even most all of the seeds we grow our food from have been genetically altered in many ways. I had planned on watching a number of other food dvd's on that topic but it was so darn depressing we switched off to the Mayans which are saying we are all going to die on 12/21/12 Yikes! What dvd's have you all watched that you enjoyed from Netflix ? We have watched a number of the "Globe Trekker Series" some have been good others Yikes! We also started the "Modern Marvels Series", We watched "Sugar" to tie in to the food topic, that one was informative & interesting I thought. I hope to get a few more from that series. Well I am off to try and pick a few dvd's - How about the "Donner Party Journey"? Nawwww, Just joking that would just put my poor teenager into more of a depressive state.
Have a GREAT day!!!!

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Phyllis said...

LOL Don't worry,I don't think the Mayans had any inside secrets. There are lots of groups that have dates of when the world will win. No worries.