Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes.....

It amazes me how quickly things change around here!
Yesterday I was feeling alittle like my old self, excited about schooling again, breathing easier that the bills were getting caught up a bit..... then my husband came home and said those words "I got laid off today"! And so it starts. His boss told him that he is trying his best to find work to put down that the lay off is only temporary on the unemployment application.... but whose to say how long temorary might be.
My husband has been trying to figure out how much unemployment he will be getting - The website says here in Florida the lowest amount is $34.00 and the highest amount is $250.00 that you can get. He is filing today, It takes awhile before you get this rolling. I will apply for food stamps today also, I read where they said 1 in 10 families here in Florida are on food stamps.
I just pray that this all works out : (


Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You continue to bless and provide for Donna and her family. May all the details work out, and may her husband have enough work to do. Amen.

Hang in there!


FatcatPaulanne said...

I hope this is the beginning of better times for you all, that he finds a good job soon. My husband was laid off 9 years ago and now has a much better job than the one he lost. I hope the same for you all.

Rhonda said...

I am sending lots of prayers your way hon. Keep your faith up.