Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday - Where is Friday?

Good Thursday Morning!

It sure is DARN cold here in Florida this morning!!!!!!! We are having record breaking temps., they say this morning with the wind chill we are going to get to around 19 degress or lower in some places. Kelly and I bundled up the horses best we could last night prepairing them for this mornings hard freeze. We took a sleeping back and placed it on Chances back closing it with rubber bands and clips & Roper we borrowed an old horse blamket from my son's girlfriend (I just checked on the boys & Chances "coat" has fallen off). We don't even have winter coats....usually you only need them maybe one or two days a year here - You should of seen me last night in my hooded sweatshirt jacket putting on the horse blankets, I was freezing my butt off! I sure hope this kind of weather pass soon!!!!!!!

Yesterday I got my husband to fill out the info. for unemplyoment. I really think he was sitting back waiting for his boss to call him. When we filled it out his boss said to put only temeporary down - You should have seen the argument over that one! When we got to that point if you list temporary you have to have a date for when they are going to re-hire you (He has no idea if or when he will got back to work for this employer), He screamed at me that "WE ARE NOT PUTTING DOWN PERMENENT". I shut the computer down and walked away from it. Here I am only helping him and he is screaming at me, but of course if I don't do it it won't get done so I got it back going and we did finish it with putting permenent down. Then I filled out for food stamps, you need so much info. for that form, I was on there for a terribly long time. Hopefully we will get these two things up and running which will help. He has contacted all the places he knows for work, no one has anything right now - one guy said he has a big job starting sometime in March to check back then - YIKES! I have been searching the computer for food stamp living and found this "blog" the guy is living on $176.00 for the month but he is single. If anyone see any sites for really low cost living please pass them on to me.... (

Kelly's birthday is on the 19th., We had hoped to take her bowling & miniture golfing again this year (she had such a blast last year when we went with my son & his girlfriend). She says it was the last time she actually has had fun : ( But it looks like we won't be able to do that but I am thinking about packing a lunch & searching for some walking trails to do that may be fun (if it EVER warms up here). My baby turns 14 year's old - Before I know it she will be able to drive! I really miss the younger days, they grow up just to darn fast!

On the school front, I have to pass along a fantastic book to read if you are working on the Civil War time period: "Pink & Say" What a book!!!!! It's an easy reader but it soooo good. I do have to warn you it brings tears to your eyes when reading it. We are chugging along slowly, Kelly is still having a ton of trouble with basic math (if you have any ideas let me know). I figured out we have something like 20 more weeks left of school if we want to end when the public school here does. Time sure is flying by!
I do have to say we have been reading alot of books for our history curriculum and they are all starting to run together..... I think I need to cut down on the number and just shoot for the goodies : ) It's been tough having my husband home during school time, yesterday he napped so it worked out good.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

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Rhonda said...

Good for you for filling out the forms. It will help you out alot to get some kind of aid until your husband can get back on his feet again.

I think that a nice nature walk will be a great gift to your daughter for her birthday and a picnic would just be wonderful while you are at it. I have a 14 yr. old that is just dying to drive. She has been studying the driver's book and has even done some driving over the weekends. They just want to grow up so fast don't they?

I am still sending prayers your way hon and I hope that all works out for you and your family in this rough time.