Friday, February 6, 2009

Wooo Hooo It's Friday : )

Here we are at Friday morning, I will be glad when this week is OVER!

For one thing is is still darn cold here!!!! I can't wait for these low temps to pass. I hate the cold it just goes right through me and all I want to do is curl up in bed and pull the covers over my head which of course I can't do.

Yesterday would you belive my husband & I headed over to the feed store to buy horse food, when we went to leave the car wouldn't start.... I was so glad my husband was with me otherwize he would of thought I did something to the car. It looks like the battery is shot : (

Then I called my library to renew the books I have (I try and stay on top of this since the overdue costs could really add up with having so many books out). Would you belive they now tell me that you can only renew a book three times and then it needs to be returned. I asked the gal "When I bring the book in and the library checks it back in can I take it back out that same day"? and she said she thought so as long as no one is waiting for it.... I guess they have had trouble with people renewing because they can't find the book any more ect. but gosh this is going to be a pain the neck for me because we are using the "History Of Us" books as our history spine and we use them all the time. By the way my books were due back yesterday - 10 cents for every book every day it's late. I hope to get there today but with the car issues not sure.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday : )

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Fatcat said...

we just switch from my son's library card to mine and back.