Monday, February 16, 2009


My son is just surprizing me by the things he has been doing lately, First the whole treasure hunt type thing/kitten for his girlfriend for Valentine's day. I had forgotten to mention he also had bought me a large heart box of candies....(my husband gift to me was a few bottles of diet pepsi). Then last night he decided to surprize Kelly with ordering the "No Way Out" pay for view wrestling match for her 14th birthday present (her birthday isn't until the 19th). They love that kinda thing so Kelly was really happy! When the time came to watch we huddled around the computer and would you belive we couldn't sign in to watch it.... They don't have a phone number to call for problems just an online help person which we did and of course the time was ticking away and we were missing the matches : ( The girl just could not help us (I don't know why they just can't send you a link to click and watch - It would be sooo much easier). We asked for the $40.00 back that my son had paid, the girl said we had to send an e-mail - Yikes! We did, then they sent back a kind of automated e-mail saying they will send us an e-mail if they find it necessary in a day or so. I just hate it when you can't get in touch with a company in person!!!!! Anyway, to say the least Kelly was so disappointed! It just seems like this poor girl can not get a brake with anything.... Her brother was apologizing to her that now he spent the birthday money he had for her present and now she has nothing to show for it : ( I sure hope we get his $40.00 back!!!!!

I found a GREAT Unit Study Webpage It has a ton of info. on it and looks very helpful. I hope to go more into that direction with Kelly, Just picking a topic and going with it.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day today!!!!

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Rhonda said...

Poor Kelly. I sure hope that your son gets his money back. So sad. Thanks for sharing the web link on the unit studies. They have some really good subjects to study there.