Friday, February 20, 2009

Here We Are At Friday....

We had a storm roll through yesterday which put a damper on Kelly's Birthday Adventure, We didn't leave the house all day : (
Kelly & I played her playstation wrestling game for awhile which we had fun with but that was about it.
Later in the evening my son's girlfriend came over and the five of us made alittle party - It was nice. I had made a cake from a box mix and boy was it lousey.
Kelly got some really nice gifts from my son & his girlfriend - Annie got Kelly a beautiful saddle blanket and a new harness for the bit. Kristopher got her a singing birthday balloon, and a hand held game system I forget the name of it (It's the one Carrie Underwood is playing on her tour bus in the commercial) with a horse game to go with it. Those two things were very expensive, I asked him why he spent so much on her gifts and he said "Mom when I was growing up you guys got me everything, Kelly get's nothing because you never have any money so I want to make her birthday special for her". I was sad that even he sees how jipped Kelly is, not just in presents and things like that but in trips, family outings ect. We used to do a ton of things now we don't even leave the house. I am happy to know that he has such a loving heart though!
Then she opened our gift, $5.00 pair of ear phones for the computer. We cleaned her room and my husband promised her he would paint it yesterday but that never happened. He has tried a color he had on her wall but it looked awful so he told her he was going out to buy a blue color for her but now he is saying we don't have the money....
So that was the day my baby turned 14 years old!


Rhonda said...

Awww she received some wonderful gifts for her birthday. Your son has the biggest heart. You should be very proud mom! And I am sure that her cake turned out just fine. I would prefer the taste of a boxed cake than a store bought one any day. :0)

Freakmom said...

Your son's words are proof that you are such a good mom. If you weren't it would never occur to him to take care of his little sister. Remember that whenever you are down.

Birthday celebrations can be belated too. Maybe you can make your hike in a day or two.