Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines's Day Revisited

Here is a picture of the SnowShoe Siamese kitten my son gave his girlfriend, Isn't she just the cutest? (Of course her eyes are not red, they are kinda blueish)
Valentine's day turned out nothing like my son had hoped : (
His girlfriend came over and went through the property and found the balloons & candy he had hidden, then they came inside and he gave her the kitten. She LOVED it! She was so happy and excited. Then they took the kitten to her house (you know me I was sad to see it leave). Well her mother made such a stink over it! Saying that she would now need to pick either her dog or the kitten - One had to go.... My son said that the mother just blew the wonderful day they were having. The mother carried on so much she made my son's girlfriend cry : ( Even saying that the kitten wasn't a purebred Siamese! Who says those kind of things in front of the person who gave the gift... When they came back over to our house both of them looked like they had been punched in the stomach, just so sad especially when her parents had told her she could get a kitten. Soooo it looks like we might get her dog because her mother says she will take it to the pound when my son's girlfriend goes to work on Monday. I have meet alot of crazy people in my life but this lady tops the cake!

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Rhonda said...

The kitten is adorable!! What kind of mother acts like that on Valentine's Day? So sad. :0(