Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Week Is Over - Yea!

Good Saturday Morning to ya!

Yesterday sure was an eye opener for my husband, He went out looking for a job and he said there just isn't any..... nothing. He picked up his last check and the boss said he was trying to find work but nothing is showing up. The reality of it all is starting to sink in. This is the last bit of money we will have until the unemployment checks start coming in (which of course who knows how long that will be with our luck), they say three weeks. I also signed up for food stamps, they said I should hear back from them in 10 days. It really goes to show that you MUST have a little emergency money lying around for cases like this, which of course we don't. It really is scary not knowing what is ahead. I pray that we get enough food stamp money to feed us for a good chunk of the month because we will need to use the (hopefully) $200.00 a week for bills (electric/car insurance/phone/internet/cable). As I mentioned the internet & cable are things we can get rid of. When filling out the food stamps they asked me what my son makes which I put down, I just hope they don't figure that as money we use since it goes to his car payment....
I hate to keep asking but if you could send some prayers our way that this all works out I would really appreciate it!

On to other news, my son picked up his books for the Police Academy - YIKES! they sure look hard. They have to learn so much about the different laws that are very technical. Lots of vocabulary too, He is reading them over before he starts just so he get's a feel for what he will need to learn. This sure is a big undertaking, I just hope he can balance this and working 35 hours at Winn Dixie.

On a happy note: I saw the most beautiful cardinal you will ever see! I was feeling depressed about everything when I went outside there he was, his color was the redest I have ever seen. He looked like he was glowing, that's how red he was. It took my breath away for a few minutes and then I ran into the house to get Kelly. She saw him but he had moved and wasn't in such a great spot for viewing. I also called my husband and he saw him too. It really made my day light up a bit : ) I just wished I had gotten a picture of him to show you all! I am going to keep an eye out for him, maybe he will come back.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sat.!


Rhonda said...

I am still sending prayers your way. I know it must be hard for all of you, but I am crossing my fingers that something comes up soon.

My girls are working on a bird watching unit from now until spring and we have been seeing so many beautiful birds at our feeders. I even purchased a bird bath to attract more. We are having a great time with it all. I hope that your cardinal comes back so that you can get photos.

Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You continue to provide for Donna and her family. Give her husband meaningful work, and show them what they should do. Amen.