Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 2 - Vacation Time Yet.....

Back to the grind stone... It sure is hard this year getting back to school work!
I wanted to ask all of you, What have you used to teach the States?
Last year we covered a number of countries using "Galloping the Globe" (which I enjoyed) and this year I would like to go over the United States.
Also, Anyone find a "free" curriculum that covers current history? I am using History of Us book 10 & Story of the World but am open to some ideas.
We are moving along very slowly - Math being the biggest hurdle AGAIN this year. Kelly & I had talked a lot about how important the basic math is and how any type of job she gets will need math so I thought it would go a bit better this year but she still whines ever time I mention math : (

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