Sunday, August 22, 2010

The School Bell Will Be Ringing Tomorrow : )

Even though I am soooo not ready for school we will be starting tomorrow.
Here I am sitting here blogging I could be getting our day ready for tomorrow, but no - blowing that off.... They say the education is only as good as the teacher - Yikes!
Anyway, Great Nascar race last night! I would love to go and see a race at Bristol. Kasey Kahne finished 5th.! I can not belive how into racing I am this year... I even follow it on twitter & facebook - Yikes!
It has been sooooooo crazy hot here in Florida, and the knats are all over the place! You really can't be outside for very long at all. We can't even use the pool because the water is just so hot it isn't refreshing at all.
Well I am going to try and get my butt moving on getting a plan worked out for tomorrow.... I did find this great looking science or health curriculum:
Kelly nixed the idea of using it but it looks interesting to me....
I really should have talked more with Kelly before I got all excited over the direction I wanted to go in this year.... It would have saved me a chunk of money!
You would think with this being our almost 5th year homeschooling I would have it down by now : (
I guess we will just use the typical course study for 9th grade from the World Book curriculum
Have a great day!

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Rhonda said...

Have a wonderful first day back! We begin our new school year Aug. 30 and are all ready to begin. Our summer was kind of slow, but very relaxing. It will be nice to be on a routine again.