Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~*Our Schedule*~

We had a really good day yesterday with our schooling.
We didn't get it all done because my son get's home a little after 1pm. so today I will have to wake Kelly up a bit earlier so we can start by 10:00am.
It's funny how here we are almost 6 months into this schooling year and we are just now hitting our stride : )
Here is "Our Schedule":

Bible: Reading chapters from our "Children's Bible"

Math: Still searching for a Math Program that works for Kelly

Language Arts: Spelling
Cursive Writting

History: American - Textbook - History of US"
Presidents & States - "The Complete Book of Presidents &States"
World - Textbook - "Story of the World Book 1
Current Events

Science: Textbook

Life Skills
Foreign Language

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Mrs. Darling said...

Well you know they say its better late than never! LOL Is it really six months into the school year? Its hard to believe!