Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fire Season Is Starting Again - Yikes!!

Th other day Kelly & I were taking the horses out for a stroll when we noticed at the end of the road black smoke! Yes, I know what your thinking man they have alot of fires in their area and it does seem that way!! When I see that black billowing smoke I get such a feeling right in the gut. The fire was getting nasty so I jumped off of Roper and ran to my neighbors house who was two houses away from the fire to alert her. Kelly & I then went back home to put the horses away... Fire is our worst fear as we do not have a car to get away from the fire if it were to come or way which I tell you is a scarry feeling. We ran back down to the fire, there were loud pops going off not sure what that was but finally a polic officer got on the scene and told me that the man who lives at the house was not in the home at the time of the fire he was making his way home from the convience store on his bike but no one was sure what happened to his dog. It took FOREVER for the fire engines to get here!! I mean forever.... mobile homes burn fast. The man's home was totally lost but they did find his dog which was a huge blessing, this man had nothing else in this world but his dog. We all take things so forgranted that we seldom appreciate what we have - I now I have a BIG problem with that and after seeing that this guy who lost everything was so happy to just have his dog it really brought things into perspective : )

Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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Phyllis said...

My husband is from California and he talks about the "fire season," but I did not know that Florida has it, too.