Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still House Hunting : (

Yes, My son & daughter-in-law are STILL house hunting!! The really cute pink house looks like it isn't going to work out. Now it is between this one which is for sale with an actual owner which is very cute and has a great back yard which I love or a much bigger house (a forcloser owned by a bank) that is double the size of this one. I just worry about the airconditioner bill ect. for tha big house but you know me I'm just a worry wort! The kids are really pulling for the bigger house, they are the only bid on that house but that means nothing the bank may just sit on it till they get a higher offer. The kids have to decide if they are going to wait for an answer from the bank which could come today or maybe next week sometime and risk losing this one pictured which they have a very good chance of getting. Can you tell I'm pulling for this one, I didn't even post any pictures of the bigger home : ).... Hopefully we will know today one way or another, Keep you fingers and toes crossed again!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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Fatcat said...

That one is really cute !