Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweating In Florida!

Good Day All!

It sure is hot here in Florida!!!!! It seems hotter then normal : (
We have had the airconditioner purring ALOT already, not a good thing....

We finally hit the books today, First time in a LONG time! It felt good to get rolling again. Kelly was in a cranky mood and moving around alot, but we got somethings done. She is okay with almost everything but when I bring out the math stuff gosh she sure does act up! She did three division problems (getting one of them wrong) and then tossed it aside. I'm going to move to try a few other math ideas like writting out checks ect. as a way to work on every day math with her. We are just going to have to work all summer now to make up for the time lost... Since it is sooo hot already I don't think we would be doing much else anyway. Our new pool we bought last year had sprung a leek at the end of last year so we patched it but we hardly any rain here we are nervous to try and fill it we might run our well dry doing - So we don't even have that to cool off with : (

My son did get engaged this past weekend! I'm happy for him but gosh he is only 19! They plan to get married next May or April 2010. I mentioned how they are hoping to put a double mobile home on the acre of property we are giving them, Well would you belive when I went seperate the property our land had a binding claus on it! I flew over to our Title Insurance Co. notifing them and sure enough they missed this little tidbit of information!!!!! I am not sure how to proceed with that, We may need to sue them not sure. No matter how you look at it is going to take me awhile to get this corrected : (

Well I'll let you go, Have a great day!


Rhonda said...

Our weather has definitely turned warmer here. I am still enjoying some spring days,but I feel that humidity creeping in on us. Yuck! I hope that you can get everything settled with your property and glad to hear that y'all are hitting the books again. Have fun!

Fatcat said...

It's been cool and rainy here. I'm almost ready for some warmth. When it gets hot though, I'll be wishing for coolness again.

April said...

I wonder if she would like a math book we have. It applies math to everyday life--doubling fractions for a recipe, figuring square foot to order carpet, figuring percents for a loan or credit card.
The examples are intersting and can be applied to everyday life and it keeps them interested and they tend to stay at it longer. Chapter 3 is all about math in sprts--such as learning how to keep bowling scores weight lifting, sport averages, how to use a calculator-earning money, hotel rates, odometer readings, TV schedules.....It is by AGS and the title is "LIFE SKILLS MATH".