Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wed. On The Homefront

I spent all day yesterday on the phone and got no where!
I am still trying to open a claim up with the title insurance company who omitted the binding claus on our property..... I finally got an address to mail a copy of my policy & the binding agreemnt to, maybe something will come of it who knows.
Then I had a number of follow up calls to make, lawyers, car insurance, vet, car repair which seemed to take forever because I was doing phone tag with the people : (
Anyway, We again did not get to school work. I just can't seem to balance when I have home business to do and school work - My mind just can't seem to do both!
I was disappointed in myself because yesterday we had gotten a good start jumping back into work. I don't plan to be on the phone or go anywhere today so we should be able to tackle somethings....

I wanted to post a great link to a number of free homeschooling sites on Cindy Down site I just LOVE her webpage & blogs!!!!!!

I have finished all of the Twilight books, I hate when you finish a series of books like that I always want more.... just like the Harry Potter books. But that now leaves me with nothing to read : ( I picked up the Tightwad Gazette again and rereading that. I wish someone would write a book like that again but with up-dated prices and problems. I am still keeping a very close eye on our bills, trying to keep everything as low as I can. When we got the internet turned back on it cost us $19.95 a month for the first 6 months for roadrunner light, of course they got us for turning it all back on again another $20.00 : ( My husband is toying with the idea of putting his van back on the road once he works a few weeks but to be honest I don't mind getting up at 5:15am and dropping him off at work to save a few bucks.. The next job that this company has is up in Maryland.... Yikes! But he is happy to just be working.

Have a great day!


PlainJane said...

Hi Donna,
Happy to hear your husband is now working - that's great!!!

You can send some of your extra heat this way, I'd love to bask in it (include some ocean & palm trees too).

Have a good week!!!

April said...

I too wish the tightwad was still active. I have all the books and want more!!

Rhonda said...

I also enjoyed reading the "Twilight" series of books and was looking for something new to read when I had finished them. My sister introduced me to a new series called "Vampire Diaries" They are actually worth reading and I am enjoying them. Just thought I would let you know in case you want to give them a try.