Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up:
It has been fun reading & seeing blogging posts about areas having snow! It sure looks like all the kids had fun with it : ) Here in Florida we are windy, cold with rain... a dark gloomy day. I went out this morning to find my horse Roper shivering : ( I tried to dry him off some but it is still raining a bit, I will have to keep and eye on him.
It's funny we had our outside Christmas lights up way before Thanksgiving (my son did it all) but now the days are ticking away and we still don't have the tree up. I have no interest at all in putting it up maybe my son will in the next few days.
Our bigggest problem this week has been my husband's unemployment check did not get delivered! It comes ever week on Thursday like clock work but not this week. He has checked and they sent it out so the problem is not on their end. We went to the post office and of course they said "Give it a few days..". We are really up a river, We so count on that check each week to pay bills, buy food, animal food ect., I don't want to even think that it might be lost... If you could include us in your prayers that this check comes soon, I would really appreciate it! Thank You!
School has been going very slow, I can't get up to the library for any books to add to our readings which always adds alittle something to the day. I can't wait for the holiday season to be over with!

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Rhonda said...

I am praying for your family and hope that the check comes soon. I also hope that everything is ok with your horse. We have been having some really cold weather here. Brrr! Even some snow! We have the tree up and the fireplace is decorated but I am waiting for my husband to put some final lights up outside and then we should have all of the yard lit up. I can't wait! Have you checked on line for some of the books Kelly may need for her lessons. Sometimes there are free literature e-books out there if they are a bit older. I know that getting out to the library can be very nice, but sometimes if I just don't have the time I go online One place that I use is Wowio. Here is the link:
Maybe it will help out a bit.