Saturday, August 8, 2009

Early Rising this Sat. Morning....

But not because we wanted to....
I heard banging on our front door this morning, I HATE to answer the door!
Around here it is never any good news, always bad. I made my husband get up and answer it (by now the person knocked a number of times and of course my ton of dogs were barking their heads off at the person through the window!).
Anyway, It was the crazy neighbor lady! The one who calls the animal control every time my goats step a toe off our property, called the cops on my son because she said he was doing road rage to her, called the cops on my husband because he dropped some horse poop on the road when we were cleaning out the pen ect. ect.
She came to tell us that our horses had broken out and were in HER BACKYARD!
Now to be honest we are all wondering what's up with her coming over to tell us.... this family would rather shoot the horses then help us out. Kelly and I went over to get them and to tell you the truth I was worried just putting a foot on their property. We got them and said thank you to them (my husband came over and picked up any poop the horse had done also). When we got home we kept waiting for the animal control to show up... or the cops but no one came YET!
Sometimes I just have to wonder why my family always leaves things that needs to be done until a major issue comes up about it then it get's done instead of doing it a head of time and having no stress about it.... All my husband needed to do was fix the hot wire to the box to get it going (Kelly had weeks ago got all the wire strung up) but instead he would complain that it looked like the horses are going to get out.... but at least it working now.
My husband is layed off again! Back to all that stress again!
My future daughter-in-law went for a kennel job that was posted in our local paper, they had 200 applications for the job already! It's funny because they are saying in the newspaper how the unemplyoment rate is going down a bit - What I think is happening is that people are so desperate for work they are taking ANYTHING even just part time work or even a few hours a week...
Well I hope everyone has a great Sat.!

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