Friday, August 21, 2009

Distractions : (

Well my best intentions have really gone out the window again...
We started school with a zest and it was going well then we got distracted and then poof we were on to something else and school was out the window : (
My son and his future wife were mobile home shopping and wanted us to go with them, We shot over to Ocala to see what they had to offer. The trip was nice, that area has great parks and Silver Springs which I hope to one day visit. I am amazed at how just this little distraction threw us all off school course. I need to make sure I have all the books we need each week by Monday and have nothing planned (like trips to town ect.) for during the week. We need to get back to the books!
On the home front things are bleak! The guy my husband is working for has not paid them for THREE WEEKS! This is how it is in our area for the construction field type workers - The employers know they got you over a barrel because there are no other jobs out there so they know if you leave they have a ton of other guys who will take the job. Try telling that to the bill people.... Our electric most likely will be shut off this coming week - My son has lent us money to be able to feed the animals and he is going to pay the car insurance because that will be cancelled on Sat.
I pray that the guy pay them soon!
I did want to mention that over one School For Us blog they have fantastic pictures of their trip to Ireland! It looks soooo beautiful over there! I had always thought I would love to go to England or Ireland some day but I guess pictures will have to do.

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