Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Looks Like A Rain Day Here In Florida

Here are the pictures of Kelly and her Civil War poster she made & our day two of the Christmas book activites. School has been pretty simple the past few days, mostly crafts. Yesterday I woke up to see Roper (my horse limping) which just put me in a terrible mood! I had just cancelled the hoof guy because I couldn't afford him and now the horse is limping.... that's pretty much how my life is going lately! Kelly and I cleaned it out and put some medicine on and wrapped it up in a baby diaper - I pray that will hopfully fix the hoof for him.

My husband worked only half a day yesterday and now he is home already today by 10am. (because of the rain) - The pay check I was hoping for to buy Christmas presents sure is going to be tiny. I do have to say one thing though - My son went out Christmas shopping and bought his sister a Kane figure and he is also getting her the wrestling playstation game. I thought that was so sweet of him : )

We have another Christmas book to work on today (I have four more books to pick up on Friday). We are really enjoying fooling around with the crafts - Not much school work but it sure is fun!

Have a great day!

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Rhonda said...

What a great looking poster! Great job Kelly.