Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trugging Through Tuesday.....

Would you belive the car place still has not fixed my son's car yet! We are getting really nervous that they are up to something.... last nights excuse was that the repair place that they took the car to to fix it ordered the wrong piece. Every day they say it will be ready then by evening when my husband and son go there to pick it up they tell them another excuse, this has gone on and on. Tonight my husband told them the car better be there or he is calling the cops and getting a police report on where the car is ect. It is a darn shame my son's first car experience has to be like this, he has to make his first car payment today and he hasn't even been able to enjoy it yet!

School went okay yesterday, we didn't cover everything but it is hard getting back into the swing of things. Today we are going to work on the "wrap up" Civil War poster I thought of doing. I was printing out pictures for the poster and ran out of black ink.... then I remembered that my copier uses the same ink so maybe I can finish up the pictures with that.

Did you happen to read the post about the gal who tries and feeds her family for about 35 cents per meal? Click Here or here is another gals story - Click Here I struggle every week with having enough to fed my family with spending alot more money then these folks.... I read these articles but I just can't seem to get our bill down lower : ( I have been shopping alot at the Dollar General, we don't have any liquidator type stores here so I can't get those bare bones prices that the gal in the article gets. No matter where I shop I never see meat at very cheap prices... I spend roughly alittle over $6.00 for a 2 pound package of hamberger meat that I use for meatloafs ect. or if I buy fish in a box that too is near $6.00. Meat takes a huge chunk out of my budget. Anyway, I find it very interesting to read how these gals do it.

Have A Fantastic Day Today!

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