Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wed. (Middle Of The Week) Already...

Sure is cold as heck here!!!!!! I think it is the coldest I have felt it since we moved here about 6 years ago : )

My son got his car back last night! Yea! Would you belive they fixed the one problem but didn't fix the brake issue! Can you belive all that time and it is not completely fixed... It amazes me how people just don't stand behind anything they sell now a days! Also, Winn Dixie sent him home early from his job yesterday (not busy enough)- Yikes! I sure hope that they don't cut his hours, He won't be able to pay the car loan.

School went well yesterday. Kelly's reading is doing very well - She still picks very easy books but she is getting through them. Math is still a major issue for her, I flip back and forth between multiplication and division - that girl just can not remember the 6, 7 & 8 times tables. She uses a grid when answering the division problems which does help. While we were at the library I picked up a GED book, We both looked it over. Gosh, it looks like the test sure covers alot.... I have thought of buying one of those books just so I can drive her in the right directions as far as knowing what she needs to know for that test.

Tonight is "Ghost Hunters" on tv., I love that show so it always makes Wed. go faster. Did you happen to see the Britney Spear tv show the other night? Kelly & I watched it, that poor girl looks like they have gotten her all pretty again on the outside but gosh the girl looks like she is still on the brink on the inside..... I felt sorry for her.

Hope your day is a wonderful one!

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