Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that all your hopes and dreams for the New Year come true!!!!!!

We are having a bumpy start to the New Year already and it's only three days old!
My 19 year old son has decided he wants to move out! He thinks if he rents a place closer to his college he will have more time to study ect. but what is really happening is he wants he and his girlfriend to move in together : (
I am sick about it on all sides of the issue..... I pray this all works out.

We have had our cable/phone/internet shut off so Kelly & I have to track up to the library for our computer fix. So you can see our money troubles have followed us to the New Year. My husband has not worked in two weeks, his boss says they have work for the up-coming week - I sure hope so!!!!!

We didn't do any school work over the holiday so I hope to buckle back down and start back up on Monday, As you can imagine things are CRAZY at our house right now.

Take care & Have a wonderful weekend : )


Rhonda said...

Wow that is a rocky start to a New Year! I am sending you all the best hon. Hopefully things will change soon.

Luke said...

Ugh. That is rough. Hang in there!

Lord, I ask that You will work out this situation and that You will give Donna peace and wisdom as she deals with all these issues. Amen.