Friday, January 16, 2009

Chugging Along.... And Bread Making Questions.

Thank you for the prayers sent our way, It really is appreciated!
They sure have worked.... My husband came home last night with the story that his boss called him over to let him know he had all intentions of laying him off yesterday but that at the last minute two jobs came in with enough work for a week or so, So he will keep him a bit longer. I do have to say that this kind of living will drive even the mello type person nuts - Not knowing one day to the next if you have a job or not. The worst part is that there is no other jobs out there in our area so rebounding to something else really isn't an option : (

I borrowed my in-laws bread machine, It is a BreadMan Plus. I called the company and asked for directions which they e-mailed me right away. Kelly and I followed the directions (My in-laws sent over a box of sour dough bread mix to try) we made it and it looked okay. When I turned over the bucket it cooked in to get it out, It came out okay then I noticed that the mixing lever that was in the bucket was now cooked inside the bread!!!!! Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Are you supposta remove the lever after the mixing is done so the bread can bake in the bucket? Is the lever supposta come off? I sure hope I didn't brake the machine, I will NEVER hear the end of it. Anyway the bread came out nice but it tasted terrible! I'm sure we are just not sour dough type bread people.

Our public school is off again today they are taking today & Monday off - But we are going to have school today. We have been doing pretty well the past few days I guess. I had Kelly write sentences with missing spelling words for me to fill in the answers and when I got stuck on one she has already forgotten what the answer was supposta be.... She was hurring to get done to make the bread but it really worries me at times how things just zoom out of her head so quickly. Math is also still a sticking point - I am forcing her to do some kind of math each day. She does multiplications worksheets pretty well but when I change over to division problems she says "How do you work them out again"? I have to do the first problem for her and then she remembers how to do it but I want her to be able to do this kind of stuff on her own. Just not sure what I can do to make this stick better in her brain.

It sure is cold here in Florida! We have a heat lamp going for the horses at night trying to give them some warmth. I know it's not as cold as some of you are dealing with but it sure is nasty for us.

Stay warm & Have a wonderful day!!!!!


Mrs. Darling said...

The shaft in the bread is usually a result of not having put the shaft in the bowl properly. It needs to be turned so it notches into place.

Bread made from bread machines is never as good as homemade bread from scratch in my opinion.

Hoping your husband keeps his job!

Rhonda said...

So glad to hear that your husband has a little more work. Any money will come in handy for your family right now. I am still saying some prayers for y'all hon.

Make sure that when you are making the bread, before you add all the ingredients, that the spatula type thingy at the bottom, (LOL not sure what it is called)is securely in place. I am sure that it will not happen again if you decide to make bread again. I have a bread maker also and have made bread before in it, but I honestly prefer the boxed kind that you mix and just pop into the oven. Banana Nut Bread is my fav! MMM!

I can't remember how old your Kelly is (sorry), but I know that when my middle daughter was learning long division, it took her a few tries before she ever got it and I had to constantly remind her of the steps that she had to take. Maybe you could write the steps down and place this in front of Kelly before every Math lesson that she has in division. It sure helped my daughter a ton once I put it in front of her.

The Cooking Lady said...

I agree with Mrs. Darling. And on rare occasions, when I did have a bread machine, it would occasionally stick inside of the bread.

Take risks. Make your own bread. You do not need any extra or weird equipment. And everything can be bought at the local grocery store. If you want some extra advise, drop me a line:

danette_jalil [at] yahoo [dot] com

And we can go into length about making your own bread. Easy schmeazy! Trust me on this one.

Freakmom said...

Every time we make bread with the bread machine the thing sticks in it. I thought it was supposed to happen. Perhaps it has to do with the type of bread machine. Ours is quite old and wasn't expensive when we bought. Maybe the other commenters have a more expensive machine than I do.

And bake whatever kind of bread you like. Anyone doesn't like they don't have to eat it. Enjoy the bread machine! You can find lots of recipes for it online.

sunshineperri said...

WE love making pizza dough in our bread machine. And yes the paddle stays in the bread. We just gently pull it out.
Definetly make a sheet with the steps for Kelly and go over it before you start your lessons.