Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Already?

I woke up this morning not knowing what day it was..... Yikes!
Doesn't seem like it should be Monday already.

I did have a productive weekend, My husband & son helped me finish taking down the back deck and all the fencing in that area. Now the horses have a nice big running around area BUT we also took down their tarps which they used for shelter when it rains/sun, the tarps were all torn and a mess looking. The horses have a shelter my husband had made out of wood for them but they very seldom use it but now that is all they have until I can get them a new tarp type thing.

We got the shut off notice for the cable/internet/phone again so not sure how many days I have left on the computer. I probably will not be able to get it back up and running again until we get our income tax refund. Since I ran out of ink a few weeks ago so it has been really hard to prepare for no computer - I would have liked to print out some things before it goes off but I will have to do with what we have.

Today's mission is to find a cheap place to do our taxes. We have gone to Jackson's Hewitt in the past and they charge us $359.00 - I want to find some place cheaper! I called around to all the tax places but no one can give you a price over the phone they need to look it over. I have heard H & R Block may be less so Kelly & I are shooting over there this morning. Our taxes are a little tricky because I am self employed and need to list my dog business otherwize I would try and do them myself.

I heard back from the library again..... the head of the children's dept. heard about my e-mail and wanted to set up a meeting with me and any other homeschool family interested to see if she could buy any books we might need. I guess they can spend money on buying books but can't spend on the inter-library charges of sending a books from one library to another. I sent her the list I posted about earlier and we will see what she can get but most likely it will take too long for us to use them anyway.

I was wondering if anyone has used Galloping the Globe?
I know it is more for the younger kids but I thought it looks like it is a fun way to learn about the other countries.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day today!!!!!!


sunshineperri said...

Send me lists of what you need to print and I will print and mail them to you.
If it's websites, send me the links and I will gladly do it for you!!

Freakmom said...

Have you tried the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program? I'm not positive they'll help with the schedule C though. When I did it in college we were pretty flexible about who we helped, probably depends on who is running it. The link has an 800 number you can call and ask.,,id=107626,00.html