Monday, October 3, 2011

Family In A Tizzy

This is Birdy, Kelly's parakeet (she really went out on a limb naming him don't ya think). He was her birthday present when she turned 16 on Feb. 19th so he is almost 8 months old. To be honest we aren't really bird people (besides chickens) so I didn't hold out much hope for a long and happy life for him but so far so good : )

We had a scare today which thru the whole household into a tizzy. My husband who is still not working and may not have anything for this week either went down town to pick up a few things. During his trip he started to have car trouble. Now as I have mentioned our jeep is old and she has tons of miles on her but she never lets us down. He made it home and she would not start, you can imagine the fear that went thru us. We have no money for a car repair, even if they could fix it my husband has no job to pay for the repairs and if he had no car he could not get to a job if he is called.... you see the circle of panic. Anyway, He called a friend of his and he took a look at it and they got her running "Praise God"! I will be including the car in my prayers from now on, after todays eye opener of how much we need her. While all this was going on Kelly mentioned that she would really like to learn about car repair. Have any of you done a study on car repair? I'd love to see which books you have used for it. My library had "The lady mechanic's total car care for the clueless" by Ren Volpe which I requested, I thought we would start with that. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated - Thanks!

Have a great evening!!

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Fatcat said...

I'm glad the vehicle is okay. We're on 1 vehicle now too. My son's car, my husband's car and the truck all need work and so everyone is driving the Surburban (MINE!) when they want to go somewhere. It's already got 210,000 miles on it and I hate to see that number going up, up, up!