Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life Skills: Cooking & Art

We have been kinda off track this week with schooling, We have been doing more of the "Fun" type of learning.
For Kelly's Life Skills Cooking course she made this to die for chocolate cake! She did get a bit of help from Betty Crocker but I figured she could make one cake by using a box mix and then try and make a cake from scratch and see which one we all like better. I hope to attempt the scratch cake next week - If anyone has a "simple" and I mean "simple" cake recipe we could use please send it to me

We also tried are hand at some Art, I saw this post over at
Art Projects for Kids on how to make a "Batik-esque Maple Leaf Drawing". The first one posted is Kelly's & the second one is mine. I thought Kelly's came out fantastic! Mine was a bit washed out looking, I don't think using the water colors you get from the Dollar General store is what the gal used but we tried. We both enjoyed adding art into the school day I really need to get more craft supplies and do more projects like this one!

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Jessica said...

I love this! I saw it over at the site and was wondering if it would work for my writing workshop. I think they came out lovely!