Friday, October 7, 2011

Bleach In The Eye, Oh My!

Yep, That's how I started off my Friday morning slashing bleach into my right eye : ( I was filling up my water bucket to wash the floor and poured some bleach in and it splashed up right into my eye - Hey good way of getting out of cleaning I guess.
Kelly hasn't started the day any better, the poor thing was up all night with a nasty toothache again. She has been swishing with salt water in her mouth and taking some Advil. My husband who actually has work for today (Whoo Hoooo!) is going to bring home some of that stuff you rub on the gums to help ease the pain. I sure hope the pain subsides soon, I hate to see her suffering.
As I mentioned my husband has worked Wed., Thurs. and today - Three days this week. I pray that the work continues next week, It is sooooo hard living on one day a week of work. Our food stamps are available on the 8th which we are so thankful for, We are sooo out of food it isn't funny. I should write a book on how to live on next to nothing and still survive....
As far as school goes, That is put on the shelf for today. I can't expect Kelly to concentrate when she is dealing with a toothache. The rest of the week was a snorefest! Our school day is just way to dull, I need to pep it up a bit. I really pray I can get Netflix back up and running for us, Kelly is such a visual learner that reading from books just goes in one ear and out the other. That's basically what happened this week, I read until I was blue in the face and I could see she was in lala land with it all. I hope to find something to jazz it up a bit since I now have a long weekend to work on it.
Until Next Time, Have A Great Day!!

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