Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Time : )

While Kelly was down visiting my son & daughter-in-law they cut out pumpkins! This fine fellow is the one Kelly did herself. She said to me "Mom, this is the first time I did the whole pumpkin all by myself!" I thought about that and it is true I always have to get involved with everything we do, I'm just that kind of person. I need to step back in the future and remember the excitement in her voice about her doing something "totally" all by herself from start to finish.
I got a few spooky Halloween books from the library to read this week, (It's hard to choose which ones to get when I can only search the library system and then without seeing them put them on hold for my husband to pick-up). We have "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", a real easy read edition that has word searches, fill in the blank questions ect.. Then we also got "Salem Witch" (My Side of the Story) series which I hope we enjoy. I did also pick a dracula book but we had read it last year and y'all know my daughter she HATES to do anything twice.... so that book will be going back to the library unread this year : (

As for school work: I am so very happy to say, I begged and pleaded to get NetFlix going again and my husband got soooo sick of my complaning that he relented and we got the 2 dvd's out at a time for $11.99 a month plan. I know when we so need every dollar that it seems silly to spend some of it on Netflix, but Kelly just does sooooo much better remembering the things she sees instead of I reading it all until I'm blue in the face and it all goes in one ear and out the other, this will so help our school day!

Needless to say I am now very pressed for time to buy the black ink needed to make copies of the school paper work & the $30.00 to get Kelly registered for this 2011-2012 school year by Oct. 30th. at York Christian Academy

One day at a time is my moto : )

Have a wonderful day today!!

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